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 This solved my big problem

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MesazhTitulli: This solved my big problem   Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:12 pm

Hello. Allright I thought something might be wrong. When I looked in the DVD Structure in DVD Shrink of 'Master and Commander' under 'Menus'-->'Title Menus' there is a Entry for the screen I was describing. It is the Twentieth Century Fox logo with the message: "This Disc Is Not Formatted to Play In This Region". Its a standard message put on DVD's to tell people who are trying to play DVD's in I guess something like a CD changer or something. So I went and tried to play the DVD in my player again and when that screen popped up I started playing with the remote buttions like hitting 'Menu' and 'Forward' and when I hit 'Top Menu' the movie started playing. This is O.K. on my DVD player but there is no button on my WinDVD on my PC to solve this problem. So.....What the hell is going on? I think if I can delete those 'Title Menus' in DVD Shrink the movie will play smoothly.How can I do this?
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This solved my big problem
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